Item# OakGrove-OR-Grade-4

Product Description

LAST DAY TO ORDER ONLINE: Through June 29, 2016

DATE TO PICK UP SUPPLY BOX: Will be delivered to the child's classroom before the first day of school.

Product Description--Brand--Quantity:

BZ = Bazic brand

#2 Pencils, 12 ct, sharpened BZ 6

Markers, washable, 10 ct, fine line, classic colors BZ 1

Notebook Paper, 100 ct, wide ruled BZ 1

Glue Stick, lg, 0.70 oz. BZ 4

Eraser, pink, lg, bevel Pink Pearl 4

2-Pocket Folders, poly, assorted BZ 4

Dividers, 8 tab, paper, insertable BZ 1

Colored Pencils, 12 ct, 7" long, sharpened BZ 1

Crayons, 24 ct, tuck top Crayola 1

Watercolor Paints, 8 ct. Crayola 1

Composition Notebook, Premier, 100 ct, wide ruled, black marble BZ 2

3-Ring Binder, 2", Angle D Ring, durable,clearview,pkts.- White Vulcan 1

Pencil Pouch, canvas, zipper, 3-hole,zip pocket BZ 1

Scissors, 5, pointed tip w/ plastic handle Fiskars 1

Glue, washable, school, 4oz. Elmer's 2

Headphone - earbud DT 1

*Teachers may request additional items

*The following specialty items are on your list but are not included above: 1 backpack

*Please do not label child's name on above items*