Item# StMarysSprings-WI-Grade-2

Product Description

LAST DAY TO ORDER ONLINE: Through June 13, 2016

DATE TO PICK UP SUPPLY BOX: August 30, 2016 at school.

Product Description--Brand--Quantity:

BZ = Bazic brand

Paper Towels Bounty 1

Tissues, 160 ct. Kleenex 2

Wipes, disinfectant, 35 ct.--- A-M Or Wipes, baby--- N-Z Good and Clean/Baby Care 1

Crayons, 24 ct, tuck top Crayola 2

#2 Pencils, 12 ct, not sharpened BZ 1

Colored Pencils, 12 ct, 7" long, sharpened BZ 1

Scissors, 5, pointed tip w/ plastic handle Fiskars 1

Glue Stick, lg, 0.70 oz. BZ 4

2-Pocket Folder, assorted BZ 5

Markers, 8 ct, washable, broad line, classic colors Crayola 2

Eraser, pink, latex free BZ 2

Spiral Notebook, 70 ct, wide ruled, assorted BZ 4

Copy Paper, white, ream BZ 1

Hand Sanitizer, 8 oz, pump Assured 1

Zip Bags, quart RiPac 1

Stick On Notes, 3x3, 100 ct, yellow BZ 5

Headphone - earbud DT 1

Band-aids Bandage 1

*The following specialty items are on your list but are not included above:

Art Smock, Tennis Shoes (no zipper shoes), Socks (labeled)

~NOTE: 1 gym bag/uniform and 2 large pencil cases (new families) are available at open house ( Sept. 2, 8am-1pm) as these items are included in tuition * All students are required to wear the Physical Education uniform*