Item# Greensview-OH-Grade-5

Product Description

LAST DAY TO ORDER ONLINE: Through June 7, 2016. No orders can be accepted after this date.

DATE TO PICK UP SUPPLY BOX: Monday, August 15, 2016 from 3-7pm at the Back to School Kick-Off at Greensview. If you are not able to pick up your kit, we will deliver it to the classroom at the end of the event.

Product Description---Brand---Quantity:

BZ = Bazic brand

Dividers, 5 tab, paper, insertable BZ 2

Eraser, pink, latex free BZ 1

2-Pocket Folder w/prongs-red,blue,green BZ 3

Clear Glue Stick,jumbo, 1.27 oz. Prang 2

Markers, 8 ct, washable, fine line, classic colors Crayola 1

Markers, 8 ct, washable, broad line, classic colors Crayola 1

Highlighter, fl. yellow, chisel tip, pen style BZ 2

Marker, Sharpie, fine point, black Sanford 1

Marker, Sharpie, extra-fine point, black Sanford 1

Dry Erase Markers, 3 pk., black, chisel tip, low odor BZ 1

Notebook Paper, 100 ct, wide ruled BZ 4

Spiral Notebook, poly cover, 100 ct, wide ruled BZ 1

Composition Notebook, 100 ct, wide ruled black, marble BZ 1

#2 Pencils, 12 ct, not sharpened BZ 3

Colored Pencils, 12 ct, 7" long, sharpened BZ 1

Stick On Notes, 3x3, 100 ct, yellow BZ 1

Pencil Box, 8x5x2, plastic BZ 1

Pencil Pouch, canvas, zipper, 3-hole BZ 1

Tape,Transparent, 5" x 450" Scotch 1

Zip Bags,gallon ---boy OR quart---girl Ziplock 1

*Optional items:

1) Case It-D-146- $26.00

2) Clipboard-low profile-$1.20

3) Earbuds-$1.75

4) Ruler-wood-$0.45

5)Scissors, 7"-$3.45

6) Calculator-TI 15-$17.00

7) PTO membership $20.00

Items listed as optional (except PTO membership) are on the required school supply list. They are listed as optional purchases in case you already have these items from previous years or from other sources.

Please label larger items with your child's name. You do not need to label pens, pencils, markers, folders or other small items.