Item# StPeter-FL-Grade-Pre-K-4

Product Description

LAST DAY TO ORDER ONLINE: Through June 20, 2016

DATE TO PICK UP SUPPLY BOX: August 4, 2016 at school.

Product Description---Brand Name---Quantity:

BZ = Bazic brand

Art Smock Coloration 1

Tissues, 85 ct. Kleenex 1

Wipes, anti-bacterial, 75 ct. Wet Wipes 1

Headphone - headband style DT 1

Paper Towels, 2-ply, 70 sheets Bounty 1

Zip Bags, gallon Fresh Seal 1

The following specialty items are on your list but not included above:

Book bag, Paint shirt or smock, change of clothes, headphones Kindermat, 5/8" nap mat