Item# AstoriaPark-FL-Grade-Pre-K

Product Description

LAST DAY TO ORDER ONLINE: Through June 15, 2016

DATE TO PICK UP SUPPLY BOX: Boxes will be delivered to classrooms before the first day of school.

Product Description---Brand Name---Quantity:

BZ = Bazic brand

Zip Bags, gallon Ever Fresh 1

Zip Bags, quart RiPac 2

Wipes, baby Baby Care 2

Hand Soap, liquid, 5.5 oz. Soft Soap 3

Wipes, disinfecting,35 ct. Good & Clean 3

Tissues, 85 ct. Kleenex 2

Hand Sanitizer, 8 oz, pump Assured 2

*The following specialty items are on your list but are not included above:

nap mat, small towel or blanket, change of clothes (labeled), daily snack, standardized backpack (no wheels)