+ Name Brands - We provide pre-packaged school supplies to the exact specifications of your teachers, including exact name brands, in a sturdy cardboard briefcase with handle. Each student supply kit has the student's name, grade and school name on a label on the outside of the box for easy distribution.

+ Cost - We understand that each school supply kit needs to be priced less than what parents would pay for the school supplies at the retail stores. The lower our price compared to the retail stores, the more participation we should get. We focus on buying large quantities of school supplies directly from the manufacturers to get the best price. We then focus on maintaining low overhead throughout the process, package the school supplies in the kits and send them to you while passing the price savings on to the parents. Some parents insist on shopping at cheaper "dollar" stores to save money. Many of the cheaper products do not last as long, break easier and are just not as good. This is frustrating for the student, parent and teacher.

+ Voluntary - The program is voluntary for the parents to purchase a school supply kit. The school supply kits are shipped by us to the school, usually a week or so before the first day of school.

+ Convenient Service - The program is a convenient service for the parents so they do not have to shop for school supplies. As a convenient service, no more hassle traveling with kids to the store and possibly buying additional school supply items, candy or other things that are really not necessary. For those that like to shop with their kids; go for it! The program is voluntary to parents and not everyone purchases a school supply kit for whatever reason...

+ Customer Service - We want to make this an enjoyable experience for you so you and the school continue to do the program year after year. We try to put ourselves in your shoes and treat customers the way we would like to be treated.

Contact information:

Please contact your parent organization liaison for the school, or us at the email below, if you have any questions.


Shipping Information:

Your order will be shipped with the other school orders and arrive at the school prior to the first day of school. The distribution date of the supply kits is located on your school link on this website on the order page.

Refund, Replacement & Missing Items Policies:

Refunds are not available due to the customized nature of the supplies requested by different grades for each different school. We purchase your supplies soon after your order is placed in order to meet the delivery deadline.

Replacement items are available due to defective merchandise. Contact your parent organization liason.

Missing items will either be replaced by us or a refund sent based on the amount that is missing.

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